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Q&A With Senior Project Manager, Erik MacDonald

by Kat Phelps, Marketing Manager

Erik MacDonald, PE

As a Senior Project Manager for JonesDBR, Erik believes getting projects delivered on time and on budget are no brainers. His true passion lies in coming up with solutions to various challenges that keep his clients up at night. Erik isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty and as the leader of his team of designers and engineers, Erik will rally alongside them and pick up the slack if ever there is a need.

Q&A with Erik

Q: How are universities leveraging the increased technology trend within existing facilities?

A: The development of digital and smart devices continues to rise and the cost continues to decrease, which in turn creates a bigger demand. The increase in use of these types of devices as well as wireless technologies has infiltrated teaching facilities and is challenging us to rethink the way these spaces are used.  

Q: What are the challenges associated with more complex technology being introduced into learning environments?

A: With the increase in complexity of technology, such as lighting or building controls, it becomes increasingly important for end users to be able to understand and operate these systems to their fullest capacity but, at the same time, be versatile enough to allow for new technologies to be implemented at a future date if needed. The easier it is for end users to operate these systems, the more likely it is that they will use it.  I asked myself why the Apple iPhone is so popular among people and the answer is simple. It is easy to use.


Q: Regarding safety concerns – what kinds of solutions has JonesDBR implemented on recent Higher Education projects?

A: New technologies allow us to communicate at the touch of a button. We are assisting educational facilities to implement emergency alert systems allowing notifications to be sent to students and others during an emergency situation. When these situations arise it’s important that our clients are able to communicate to people quickly.