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Modern healthcare facilities require a careful balance of form, function, and technology to achieve the ultimate needs of state-of-the-art facilities that provide the highest quality of care for their patients. JonesDBR’s experienced team of engineers understands the complexity of the unique systems necessary for healthcare facility development and the critical need for safety, reliability, and efficiency.

When designing MEPT systems for healthcare facilities, JonesDBR’s team is focused on patient care, comfort and safety, infection control, equipment compatibility, energy efficiency, and constructability. These considerations are taken into account during the design of each system, including HVAC, power distribution, lighting, plumbing, and low voltage.

Using a blended approach of understanding the basic medical needs of the facility, discussing in-depth the intent and function of each space, and using our industry-recognized Thought Leaders in the area of healthcare design, we work diligently with medical professionals and administrators, researchers, and local, state, and federal agencies to create environments that will support their efforts for today and tomorrow.


Dive into Healthcare insights from our talented team of designers and engineers, as they cover topics that matter most to our clients and industry.