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Client Satisfaction Survey

At JonesDBR, we pride ourselves on offering unmatched service to our clients. We invite you to complete our Client Satisfaction Survey below. We are excited to hear from you!
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I am satisfied with JonesDBR’s overall customer service and communication
I am satisfied with the responsiveness of my JonesDBR Project Manager
The JonesDBR team is knowledgeable and capable of performing the desired service(s)
I am satisfied with the quality of deliverables that JonesDBR issues
The level of detail on JonesDBR’s construction documents meet your expectations
The fees for our services are in line with our performance
The JonesDBR team listened to my concerns and provided innovative solutions throughout the project
Based on our performance on your project, would you recommend JonesDBR to others?
Would you like a member of JonesDBR’s executive team to contact you about your feedback?
Please note this review may be published in future JonesDBR promotional material with your first name and company name.