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Texas State University – Events Center Expansion

San Marcos, Texas

Texas State University
Perkins + Will
Square Footage:

JonesDBR is pleased to have worked with Sink Combs Dethlefs (now Perkins + Will) and CJ Lammers Associates on the design for the expansion of the University Events Center (UEC) in San Marcos, Texas. Strahan Coliseum, originally constructed in 1982, was expanded from an original capacity of roughly 7,000 spectators to nearly 8,900 by adding additional seating on the north side of the coliseum, turning a horseshoe shaped arena into a complete ring of seating. In addition to the expansion of the coliseum seating, a new concourse lobby was constructed with a multi-purpose suite overlooking the arena. New athletics support spaces were added to include athletic training facilities, strength and conditioning facilities, coaches offices, and new locker rooms for varsity athletes, visiting teams, and officials for basketball, volleyball, tennis, golf, soccer, baseball and softball.

A new 2,100-ton chilled water plant was designed to provide cooling for the UEC and two adjacent buildings. We designed new central station air handling units and VAV air distribution in the expansion. Due to limited space and the need for high-level coordination under the concrete and steel structure of the coliseum, detailed BIM modeling was used to coordinate the HVAC and plumbing systems. JonesDBR also specified the replacement of most of the air handling units in the existing coliseum as well as an upgrade of the building automation system.

The existing electrical service, which was shared between multiple buildings, was upgraded to accommodate the added load of the expanded UEC. JonesDBR designed a new customer-owner medium voltage electrical service for the complex. The new electrical service included a new primary switchboard which was utilized to backfeed existing equipment and extend new service feeders to the expansion area. A new diesel engine generator and new transfer switches were provided to serve the underfloor drainage sump pumps and other emergency power loads.

A complete LED lighting upgrade and a networked lighting control system were installed in the UEC and other areas of the existing complex to ensure consistent lighting throughout. The lighting control system combined the common areas with a programmable control topology that allowed for the elimination of switches in public areas. The control system can manage specific fixtures, zones, or regions, and was also designed to allow a single user to modulate the lighting in the entire facility during performances or special events.

The domestic water service was upgraded for the entire facility in order to accommodate the expansion. The existing concourse restrooms were upgraded and the domestic hot water system was modified to allow the existing boilers to serve the new locker rooms in addition to the existing facility. This project is located immediately adjacent to the San Marcos River, and groundwater infiltration has always been a concern in the coliseum. We specified improvements to the existing drainage system, and we designed a complete new underfloor drainage system in the expansion to remove groundwater. We coordinated closely with Turner Construction, the project’s Construction Manager at Risk to plan the installation of the underground plumbing systems below the water table.

The project was completed for a total cost of $62.5 million. The new Texas State University Events Center, with it’s modern amenities and state of the art athletic support spaces is a new jewel for one of the largest universities in Texas.


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