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Blinn College – RELLIS Campus – Academic & Commons Building (Phase 2)

Bryan, Texas

Blinn College
Square Footage:

JonesDBR is pleased to be working with Gensler on the design for a second phase of the Texas A&M System academic buildings at RELLIS which will strengthen the programs currently offered and open the door for exciting and innovative new opportunities on the campus.

The new three-story, 75,000-square-foot Phase II building will be located just north of the Schwartz Building (Phase I). The Phase II building will include classrooms, engineering/computer science labs, faculty offices, student services spaces, student gathering spaces, a micro-market vending area, administrative spaces, and a large meeting room.

The HVAC system for the new Phase II building is designed with Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems (DOAS) on each floor which provide ventilation and pre-cooling/pre-heating to individual Fan Coil Units serving each zone. Each DOAS Air Handling Unit utilizes Energy Recovery Ventilators to temper incoming outdoor air and reduce the cooling/heating capacity. The large amount of electronic equipment and computers in the Esports Hall requires proper humidity levels. Humidifiers were incorporated to ensure the room humidity is not too low to prevent damage to the electronic equipment due to electrostatic discharge. A dehumidification sequence which meets the latest energy codes was also incorporated to prevent hardware corrosion and equipment failure due to humidity. In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we provided Bi-Polar Ionization technology as an alternate to neutralize viruses and contaminants in the air. Another alternate provided to reduce airborne load of infectious particles was to increase the filters to MERV-13 filters for greater air filtration. Vacuum and compressed air systems were provided in the Engineering Tech Lab for the students via overhead carrier to ceiling mounted outlets.

Construction begins in early 2021 and is planned to be completed in time for the College to offer classes in the facility in Fall 2022.


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