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Back To School: Keeping The Collaborative Spirit Alive In Campus Renovation Project

Repost from Engineered Systems Magazine

Despite the high expectations placed by the client, extensive preplanning, effective communication, and the ability to innovate drove Hoar Construction and JonesDBR to complete the Aston Hall project at Texas A&M University in just 11 weeks.

June 3, 2020

Jake Snyder and Erik MacDonald

As the necessity for a quality collegiate education grows in a competitive global marketplace, the arms race among universities to provide first-class facilities and amenities that will attract students and faculty to campus continues to escalate. A college or university is its own thriving ecosystem with many different types of buildings, each with diverse complexities and nuances that require specific knowledge of the applications and fundamentals needed for renovation or expansion projects.

Hoar Construction’s recent HVAC renovation for a residence hall at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas, provides an example of how collaborative spirit and extensive preplanning can create new efficiencies that allow projects to be completed faster and at a more competitive price point. This project also illustrates how implementing processes that zero in on previous missteps from earlier-generation projects can significantly shorten the overall timeline.

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